This Super-Cute Popcorn Eating Deer Will Make You Smile!

Okay, just getting things off to a fun start here. I was feeling pretty stressed and serious, bogged down by a bunch of grueling work when I came upon this meme of this adorable deer munching a bowl of popcorn — and then it happened… I cracked a very genuine smile. This little dude did it – he turned my frown upside down.  Bet he does the same for you.  I mean really, just TRY to look at that adorable little face chomping away and not smile. Actually, don’t try that. Smiling is good for you.  Go ahead and share him on Facebook. Your friends could probably use a smile right about now too. :)  You can get a snippet of code to insert this guy into the signature file you use on your favorite forums if you want from


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