Huge Husky Takes Care of Tiny Baby Chick

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This Huge Husky is SO Amazingly Gentle with Tiny Baby Chick

Compared to a tiny baby chick, Gohan The Husky is one HUGE animal. But he’s proven to be the height of gentleness. When Gohan’s family found a baby chick all alone on the street, they knew the little fellow wouldn’t stand a chance of surviving if they left him there to fend for himself. So they picked the little bundle of feathers up and took him home to care for him.

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The gentleness their husky Gohan showed towards the little chick is truly touching, and just shows that there is so much more to animals than many people give them credit for. Not only did he know to be gentle with the little chick, he actually started taking care of the little guy. Watch this amazing video! By the way, this gentle giant now has his own YouTube Channel: Gohan The Husky.

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