Frozen Kitten, Thought to Be Dead, Gets Rescued & Comes Back to Life. Amazing Video!

This tiny little kitten was found frozen in the snow in frigidly cold weather.  Her rescuers thought she was dead but acted quickly to call in an animal rescue organization.

It didn’t look good, but the rescuers held out hope for a miracle – the rushed her in to an animal hospital.  Emergency care was given immediately, following all the proper precautions and procedures for thawing out a frozen body!

No one really believed it would end well, but they felt they had to try.  Just look at this precious little creature – how could they not at least try?

And then the most amazing thing happened….. watch the video!

Please note that this kitten was one of the lucky few – this truly was a miracle because every year thousands of cats and kittens freeze to death outdoors in winter climates. That is why cats should never be allowed outdoors in the winter.  And if you ever see a cat outdoors in cold temperatures, please try to help the critter before its too late.

Any animal who has lost consciousness in freezing temperatures needs emergency vet assistance. Body temperature needs to be raised very carefully, following very specific procedures to prevent the animal from going into shock.

Thank Heaven for the people who cared enough to help this precious little kitten!



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