Cops Find Skunk With Cup Stuck on Head: See What They Did

Two tough cops recently encountered a dangerous situation, and that’s when their soft side came out. They went out of their way, and risked getting sprayed, when they rescued a skunk with a fast food cup stuck on its head. The poor critter was very clearly starving – the cup had obviously been stuck on his head for a prolonged period by the time the cops came across the little guy.

The rescue took placed in Winnipegosis, Canada. RCMP posted a video on its Twitter feed showing two of their officers helping the critter.

The clever cops, Const. Kyle Van De Sype and his backup Const. Catlin Lang, were able to sneak up on the skunk and throw a tarp over it. Then they waited for it to poke its nose out from under it, at which point they were able to successfully grab the cup and pull it off the animal.

The skunk is seen scurrying off, once again able to see and eat, thanks to these brave, but kind hearted cops who went beyond the call of duty to save it.

Fortunately no officers were sprayed during the rescue. :)

Skunk with cup stuck on headSad thing is, this sort of situation is all too common for skunks (like in this blog post where a kind hearted person describes coming across a skunk in a similar situation, and going out of their way to try to help him) and other outdoor critters such as foxes, raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, and others. Not only does it prevent the creatures from being able to eat, it can suffocate them as well. Some animals end up in such a panic that they run into traffic on highways and other

So please, folks, throw your trash away properly. Just another reason not to litter. Do it for the critters!

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