Baby Squirrel Adopted By Cat Learns to PURR!

Animals never cease to amaze us! Watch this video of a baby squirrel that started to purr after being adopted by a momma cat! Its amazing the way animals of different species are able to connect with each other, care for each other, and bond with one another. There’s so much more to them than meets the eye…

This poor little baby squirrel fell out of a tree. This is something that actually happens a lot to baby squirrels, sadly. Just this past summer some people I know were walking down the street when a little baby squirrel fell out of a tree directly in front of them. With no sign of the momma in site, they scooped the little guy and took him home to care for him, but sadly the story didn’t end as well as it did for the squirrel in the video. The poor little critter found by the folks I know must have broken his neck and was paralyzed. I asked them to update me on how things worked out for the little guy, but a couple of days later, when I spoke to them, they made no mention of the squirrel. They know I’m very sensitive to animals, so I took that to mean it didn’t turn out well – they knew better than to tell me.

But alas, I digress. The little guy in this video was much more fortunate. When he fell out of the tree, the kind folks who found him struggled to try to determine how to get him back up there so his mother could care for him, but there wasn’t a way. They knew he’d not make it if they just left him there on the ground, so they took him home to take care of him themselves. It seems they have a way of attracting animals in need, because they had already taken in a homeless kitty who showed up pregnant. She was now nursing baby kittens, so they figured they’d see if she’d accept the baby squirrel and “adopt” him as her own. Indeed she did. And before they knew it, the little guy had learned to purr. A wonderful story – but you’ve got to watch the video to fully appreciate it.

We discovered this video on YouTube posted by SHARKSWHALESANIMALS.

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