Abandoned, Injured Baby Deer Gets Rescued By Kind-Hearted Man – The Story Has an Amazing Ending!

A man saw this poor baby deer struggling to keep up with her mama and sibling. He kept watching as the injured little deer struggled to keep up with the others.

She kept falling, and trying to get up as the her family went along, unaware of the trouble she was having.  The man could see one of her front legs was giving her trouble; it seemed she must be injured.

The man, Darius Sasnauskas, felt helpless, not knowing what he could do to let the mama deer know her baby was being left behind.

He continued to watch, very concerned about what would happen to the little newborn fawn.

Eventually, with the momma and sibling gone on their way, it become clear that it would be up to him to save the poor little injured and abandoned animal. The poor little baby deer was left alone, exhausted, and collapsed in the grass. Imagine the fear this poor little newborn deer must have felt, now all alone in the world.

Darious gently scooped up the little deer and brought her to his home.  He made a brace for her leg and nursed her to strength.  His wife and children and the family pets enjoyed having the tiny little fawn in the home.

Watch as this sweet little deer gives him a kiss.

Thank God there are good, kind-hearted, compassionate people like this in the world who care about animals.

Weeks later, when she was strong enough, Darius felt he should try to find the fawn’s mom so the little deer could be reunited with her family in the wilderness near Yellowstone Park.

You won’t believe how this amazing story ends…..


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